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When a lion is on the hunt, it does its best to single out and separate a zebra from the rest of the herd.

As long as that zebra remains with the herd, its chances of survival are tremendous. Sadness operates the same way by trying to separate an individual from others and devour them. It begins by making you feel alone and as if no one understands what you’re going through. In those moments, we need each other more than ever—so stick together, seek assistance, and understand above all that we need each other. When we do that, sadness has a tougher time staying on our tracks to keep us down, no matter the situation.


I’m not saying that sadness isn’t real or that it’s wrong to feel that emotion—but when we feel sadness, we can find support in others and avoid going through things alone. We’ve all been hunted by sadness and other negative emotions at some point in our lives, so the truth is that we’re never alone. We don’t have to feel shame or prove our strength by facing it by ourselves. Remember to tell yourself that love conquers all and you can make it.





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