DOB: 9/16

Occupation: Psychotherapist- Therapy for Emotional Healing

Hobbies: Learning to play chess, weight lifting & healthy living, reading for self improvement and fun, family dinners and traveling.

Dream: Traveling to South Africa with family and friends.

In the sixth grade, our class had a White Lady as a long-term substitute. Now you know how it is with children and substitutes—some of the students weren’t on their best behaviour. So one day she kept our whole class a few minutes after school for a “discussion.”She started by asking this: “Do you know why you are all not as smart as White People?” No one said a word. She continued, “It’s not your fault. Your ancestors lived in Africa.” Then she showed us on the pull-down map where Africa was and told us why it was so hot there. She said, “The sun baked their brains, and that was passed down through the generations to you.” As the White Lady spoke, what she was saying did not ring true. I had grown up listening to my parents talk and read to us about schools of learning in Africa, especially in mathematics, and about all the Black Inventors we never heard about in school. There was very little discussion and a lot of grumbling as we left the classroom.



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