Instagram: @rinarockz

DOB: 11/24

Occupation: Caregiver/ CFC (Community First Choice) provider

Hobbies: Shopping for and collecting antique item

Dream: To inspire Black women of all backgrounds, shades, shapes, sizes, and curl patterns. Get My masters degree in social work and to become fluent in grandmothers native tongue (Spanish) so I may continue my work here and in Spanish speaking countries.


Unfortunate as it is, I think it’s important for Black Women to be are aware of how we are perceived and how we are expected to respond to adversity. It’s also extremely important to recognize our strength and our ability to overcome these obstacles. The idea that Black Women are supposed to be strong even after being ripped apart is “fake news” just as much as those “cheap essential oils from the local beauty supply.”

Black Women and Black People in general are allowed to be vulnerable, just like we are allowed and expected to be resilient. When you’re constantly subjected to racism, violence, and abuse, it can obviously fuck you up a little bit.


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