Instagram: @_boojiebrown

DOB: 10/18

Occupation: Owner of BelleCo Boutique-

Hobbies: Reading, rating, playing tennis and music.

Dream: Writing, Author- "Affirmed: Speaking Reality into Existence"

If brighter skin tones are the only color being shown in the media, we must create our own roles for television and fashion. This means generating our own news channels and television stations and supporting the ones that already exist. We should put on our own fashion shows and highlight the positive ways we want to be portrayed in this world. Why accept what is handed to us when it is nothing of value? We were once strong creators and inventors. Let us all tap into our creative genes and expand our horizons until they reach beyond the oceans. Let us all make magic. I would like dive further into

our history. Africa is known as the birthplace of human civilization, and throughout history, it has been home to some of the world’s most significant leaders. Among those leaders were queens who led their kingdoms with precision and power and left an indelible mark on history.




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