Instagram: @moxiemill


DOB: 3/28

Occupation: Artist, painter, model, photographer, singer, and dancer

Dream: To own my own studio/ brand and organization

Society has a way of making it seem as though I am not good enough—“I” being what makes me, me, including my skin tone. My sister is completely on the opposite end of the skin tone chart, and there were times as a child when she would get noticed over me by others. What’s sad is that I began to fall into the same mindset, and it showed even when I picked dolls to play with. For some reason, the “Sasha” doll was weird in my mind because she was the only dark-skinned doll, out of all the others having lighter complexions. I discriminated against myself. You may think, “Oh, you were just a child”—but no, I was old enough to love myself. I was old enough to understand that I was a beautiful, chocolate little girl, and nothing would ever change that. However, I was also old enough to be told these facts by my elders and given positive affirmation.





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