Instagram: @hottie_totty1

DOB: 8/4

Occupation: Student / Waitress

Hobbies: Singing

Dream: To be a singer

I used to hate being black. In 2003, for example, being black wasn’t as “cool” as it is now. When I started elementary school, I lived in an area of Dallas where a large portion of the population consisted of African-Americans and Latinos with an occasional sprinkle of Caucasians. This area was where I fit right in with all the other “brown” people with kinky hair, braids, beauty supply hair clips, and an essence of Black Culture.


When I turned seven, my parents removed me from my comfort zone by relocating the entire family to McKinney, TX, an area where the majority of the people living there were Caucasian. When I walked into class on the first day of second grade at my new school, I immediately noticed a difference. Everybody in my class had fair skin, straight hair that flowed when they moved, bobby pins, scrunches, and other things that I didn’t have.



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