Falling in love with myself as a Black Woman has taken so much. I grew up uncomfortable with being a Black Girl. I often found myself wishing that I wasn’t. A number of events in my life have really moulded me into being unapologetically black. In high school, I experienced boys of other races liking me but being too ashamed to admit it to their friends. I experienced being the only Black Girl on my high school cheer-leading squad and making my mother give me perms* religiously so that my hair could match the other cheerleaders’ hair. I have even experienced being fired from a job because I refused to “put my hair up” the day I chose to rock my fro. These experiences made me feel that being black wasn’t beautiful—that I wasn’t beautiful.


Instagram: @kelshaars

DOB: 8/2

Occupation: Student/Teacher

Dream:  I wish to one day teach art at the high school level at a fine arts school, and to open up my own studio for kids in inner city neighborhoods who are interested in the arts.

Hobbies: I love to paint and draw.




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