Instagram: @letsworkjazz

DOB: 03/28

Occupation: Producer / Lot 30 Productions

Hobbies: Shopping for and collecting antique item

Dream: Poetry


About a year ago, I attended a conference where they discussed a topic called self-care. I was like, what is this foreign concept and where do I sign up for this awesome self-care movement? I soon learned that self-care was about taking the time to check in with myself and love myself. I think I’m the hardest on myself, but I took on the challenge of self-care because I felt it was important.


I woke up one morning and asked myself what I wanted to accomplish that day, making sure that the day was solely focused on me doing what I wanted to do for myself. I ended up looking for a stylist to start my loc journey. In the beginning, I was so excited. I also feared being stereotyped or questioned for my actions, but I stood my ground. I was on a deep journey to accept me for myself, and since my hair pattern consists of tight curls, I took it upon myself to just let them be.



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