DOB: 2/29

Occupation: N/A

Dream: N/A

Hobbies: N/A

What I want more than anything is for my inside to be beautiful and for that to reflect outward. That means that, at my core, I embrace Jesus, God, the Creator. It has been a struggle for me to rely on and build my core because of societal oppression. Specifically, the societal oppression of racism and sexism have created a layer that I am cracking at so that I may enrich my center. I really recognized the need for this intensive cracking or soul surgery recently when my boyfriend asked me, “Who are you?”


I am someone who wants their every word and action to reflect good—but, according to society, I am black, female, African American, and Nigerian, and my world becomes where I was raised, Mississippi. It is important for me to describe that Mississippi was one of the bloodiest hubs of slavery and all that followed slavery, yet what Mississippi embodies and all parts of my identity were never fully clear to me as a child. I have happy and clueless memories of my Ma’s car kicking up dirt and rocks on unpaved Mississippi roads as my long brown legs jangled with each bump.


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