Instagram: @dominosade

DOB: 7/13

Occupation: Office assistant

Hobbies: Oh wow I have so many but I can honestly say I love crafting with my son and playing Lego's with him. I also love drawing and writing.

Dream: For life in general, my biggest dream is for everyone to be happy. There's way too much suffering going on, and we all deserve to be happy


From the color of my skin, to the texture of my hair, the length of its strands, and the breadth of my smile… for when I look in my mirror, my very soul cries out, “My Black is Beautiful!”


In the world we live in, we have to find our own beauty. When it’s used somewhere else and objectified, we have to embrace who we truly are, not for others, but for ourselves. Ever since I was a young girl, growing up has been a day-to-day struggle. I was always the one who was too dark, always getting asked, “Do you belong to your parents?” People would say, “You too dark to belong to them!



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