Instagram: @dejarollins_onair

DOB: 02/08

Occupation: Higher Education / Broadcast Media

Hobbies: Answering 1,362 questions a day from my son & daughter, cooking new vegetarian recipes, asking my boyfriend 1,362 questions a day,
media effects studies, talking, emceeing and channeling my inner Beyoncé in the car.

I looked in the mirror one night and realized I had placed myself on a clearance rack. You know, that section of the store everyone parades through first in the hopes of stumbling across a bomb-ass product at a much cheaper price than they’d usually catch it. Yeah, that one. I allowed men to “love” me the way they felt I deserved to be loved. I allowed my friends to control the dynamics of our relationships. I allowed employers and coworkers to carry on with micro-aggressive behaviors and comments. But why? Who would knowingly subject themselves to such harmful interpersonal relationships? The problem was, I didn’t know.


Hell, I thought I had a good grasp on life. I thought I was doing pretty well compared to other women, with not one but two kids out of wedlock by different men. I mean, I started my career in broadcast media at just nineteen, working in radio, where I talked and listened to hundreds and thousands of people through a single microphone. I pledged into the best sorority ever to exist (OO~OOP). I earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism, which led to a career move into television news, where I was seen in the homes of nearly a hundred thousand people every night. If you asked me, I was doing pretty damn well! The truth is, I wasn’t.



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