Instagram: @BlakkPippi

DOB: 02/28/85

Occupation: Creative and Licensed Massage Therapist

Hobby: Producing my own screenplays.

I love my culture. Look anywhere and you’ll find us. I admire our perseverance, ingenuity, history, ancestors, and potential. But sadly, I’ve experienced colorism. People have been talking about my hair, and complaining about it, since I was a child. I was always hearing, “She doesn’t have enough hair, so perm it, leave it alone, or keep it in braids.” It was usually the other kids who were mean to me about my hair, but in time I heard adults expressing their problems with it as well.


In elementary school, one teacher harassed me a lot about my braids. At the time, braids were the only hairstyle that made me feel beautiful, so it was saddening to be constantly threatened by my very own teacher.



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