DOB: 9/23

Occupation: Learning & Development Coordinator / Mom-entrepreneur

Hobby or Dream: To be successful and use my financial blessings to serve people.

I would also like to use my voice as a way to help build the kingdom of God.

I don’t claim to be mulatto* but that’s how the world sees me. The fact is, my parents are both African Americans, coming from a historical lineage as colorful as a box of crayons. As a child, I wasn’t taught the importance of self-identity. I found it hard to recognize races, including my own. Luckily, I discovered my own identity by digging deep down and latching onto a spiritual foundation. My life is now a reflection of Christ. When someone sees me, they should see Him. My purpose is to serve, live my life, and speak the truth. I just wish that I’d known while growing up that I was magical all along, that I wasn’t just special because of my artistic talents.


I wish I’d known that I was magical because of things like my skin and its power to absorb light, its power to protect me from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. I’ll say that again with more emphasis: “My skin can absorb light.” Just think what that statement could do to a child’s self-esteem; the amount of power it could ignite in them.




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