Instagram: @candicrenee  

DOB: 10/9

Occupation: Actress

Hobby: Being spiritually sound

I love the strength my hair represents. When I went natural, I didn’t have any picture of what it would look like, but I took a leap of faith. This became my foundation for everything that came afterward. Going natural also inspired my recent move to Dallas. As I grew out my hair, I was really happy with its texture. It’s soft, curly, and accepts moisture and color well. I can go from the afro protective style to wearing it straight easily.

 One day, when I came home from getting my hair cut short and twisted, my grandmother asked, “What are you doing with those mouse turds on your head?” I said, “Did you pay for this? Then don’t worry about it.” That was the end of that and the beginning for anyone else who had something to say about my hair.



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