Instagram: @nefertiti_2_u


Occupation: Vegan Chef & Nutrition Educator

Hobbies: Traveling or anything artsy (cooking, writing poetry, writing music, painting & dancing)

Dream: To become a holistic healer so that I can educate, empower and heal individuals!

Self-love is a direct reflection of the happiness you seek within yourself. I didn't always possess it, but I discovered this beautiful sensation in 2013 after undergoing some serious mind, body, and soul-searching. Discovering and cherishing self-love is vital for others as well. There is no better feeling than being comfortable in your own skin without any fears, insecurities, or hatred toward yourself.


I believe that any community will benefit from the upsurge in positive energy that transpires when all its members learn to love themselves wholeheartedly. My journey to self-love began with accepting and moving past my first experience with colorism. I was seven years old when my older sister told me that I was dark, crusty, and had nappy hair. My two siblings and I are joined through our father but not our mother, even though we were raised in the same household.



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