Instagram: @jamakween

DOB: 7/16

Occupation: Operational Trainer

Hobbies: Reading, rating, playing tennis and music.

Dream: To start my own business.

All of my life, I have been taught there was a separation among Black Women. At an early age, I began to see the differences in how we were treated depending on the way we looked. If you were light- skinned, you had more privileges than your darker-skinned counterparts. As a child with slightly lighter skin and long curly hair, I was often deemed as the acceptable, safe Black Girl to be around. Others identified me as black, but not black like the other girls.

Even in my household, there was a difference in how I was treated versus the treatment of my siblings, who had skin darker than mine. I remember being so insecure when my skin started to darken up over the years and thinking that no one was going to like me anymore. As I got older, I started growing into myself, and people noticed. I was always complimented on my skin tone in ways that made it appear as though it was unacceptable to have dark-skin.




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