Instagram: @baddisparateyouth

DOB: 01/23

Occupation: High School Advisor and Grad Student

Hobby: Digital, Writing

Unfortunately, locs are not accepted in my mother’s Nigerian* culture. Only men and women who are associated with witchcraft have them. My mother grew up in a community where dreadlocks were frowned upon, and she often ran when she saw a “dada” passing by, as she would call them. One day I was lying on my bed, writing in my journal about my desire for dreadlocks. I was also scanning a picture album that I compiled of people with this natural hairstyle – The Fugess, Busta Rhymes, and others.


Suddenly, my mother walked in took the writing and pictures, ripped them to pieces, and walked out of the room. There was nothing else to be said. It was clear to me that there was no room for negotiation or trying to persuade my mother. Silently, as my face stung with anger, I picked up the shreds of the writing and pictures and taped them back together. Despite my mother’s opposition, I was determined to get this hairstyle. Without a word, I left my house that same day and went to see a loctician, who started the process.



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